About Us​

Continuously inspired by its dynamic, innovative environment, Verbeekdesigns is located in the creative heart of Eindhoven – one of the most prominent design cities in the world.

With growing potentials and the passion to match up with the expectations of their end-customers, Verbeekdesigns creates over a thousand designs a year – selling them in over 35 countries worldwide.

‘We are professionals when it comes to knowing what the market wants. We continuously develop new designs and possibilities. Before trends become actual trends, we have already created the designs. At Verbeekdesigns we look into the future.’

Established 2004

Handcrafted designs & digital generated designs,

Verbeekdesigns produces handcrafted designs as well as digital generated designs, from go-to wallpapers to luxury high-end interior collections.  

With designs that are modern yet traditional, Verbeekdesigns makes sure to understand the requirement and mind set of their clients; designs that will define and evoke sensations, memories and lifestyles. 

While every design is unique and several markets can be covered – Verbeekdesigns values a high standard of quality. The quality of new designs lies in the artistic inventiveness of its creators. ‘We turn inspirations into idea that transforms every given place; from homes to offices to any other establishment.’

‘At Verbeekdesigns we complete dynamic collections of world class designs. A broad all-year-round collection of high quality, sophisticated and contemporary designs.’

Surface design

Amplified your environment with the right designs.

Designs by Verbeekdesigns will enrich interiors or objects for practically any surface. The sentiment and luxury of any environment can be amplified with the right designs.

Most designs are created for rotation print and for industries as there are: Textiles, Wallpaper, Giftwrap, Napkins, Greeting Cards etc.



In 2021 Chris thought it time to hand over the business and agreed to a management buyout. After working with Chris for a long time, Mick Verbeek and Anna Mikhalkova took over the studio. They are now the energetic heart of studio Verbeekdesigns. 
‘Our studio combines years of experience with innovation and inquisitiveness. 
While every individual has its own specialty, together we are a perfect team at Verbeekdesigns.’

Co-owner of Verbeekdesigns

This is Mick.

Mick grew up in a creative family where he was always fascinated by his father’s stories. Entrepreneurship is what came with his blood and as a kid he always had a passion for crafting. Mick always sees the growing potential in the industry and understands the needs of the customers. He loves to explore different surroundings and new design trends while seeing the beauty of innovative patterns differently.

With so much heritage and tradition I see art everywhere, even when I close my eyes. But.. It’s not just about art. It’s what comes with it. How it evolves and where it will lead you.’ 

Mick describes himself as a work-a-holic, but when he is in need of peace and quiet, he likes to go out and have a nice long walk with his four-legged friend Scott – the dog.


Co-owner of Verbeekdesigns

This is Anna

Anna, who grew up in Russia, always had a passion for art and design. Het happiest and most reckless times as a child were when visiting museums or theaters in St. Peterburg with her mom. 

‘During my study at the Art Academy, I also found a love for applied arts such as fabrics and ceramics. I had an atelier with friends, where we painted actual fabrics such a silk which we turned into clothes.’

Anna worked on restoring pieces in a monastery and was a true artist creating her own paintings. But after a while she decided she wanted more focus on the actual thing she loved; creating designs. 

Besides being creative Anna also loves to travel.  She loves getting to know new cultures while visualizing them. ‘I have lived in several countries, and I am eager to learn more about different cultures while combining it with art. For example, after my trip to Asia I took online courses learning traditional Asian painting styles and techniques on ricepaper.’ 


Designer and Studio Manager of Verbeekdesigns.

This is Nanne

Nanne is born and raised in Eindhoven and studied ‘Fashion and Textile’ at the Kunstacademie. She always had a love for designing and decided to follow several graphic courses to expend her knowledge of graphical designing. At Verbeekdesigns she can express creativity while keeping an eye on the market. ‘What I love about Verbeekdesigns is that we are a very good team with all our own specialties.’

Nanne is in love with mother nature and always finds herself inspired by floral environments. ‘I love to go outdoors with my family. Personally, I think mornings are the best. Riding my bike surrounded by morning dew really is feels like freedom in another world.’


Junior Designer of Verbeekdesigns

This is Luuk

Luuk is the youngest of the team. He started at Verbeekdesigns as in intern, but after his internship he decided to stick around just a bit longer. While he started as a game designer, along the way he discovered a passion for textile design. With his talents and his vivid personality, he is a great addition to the Verbeekdesigns Team.


Every year

Verbeekdesigns presents its newest collection on international trade fairs.