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In this summary you will find information that might be very helpful to read before you decide to cooperate with VERBEEKDESIGNS. Besides the conditions you will find instructions and a list of what we expect from you as a freelance designer. On top of that we will guide you through the most basic principals in creating designs for interior.

First this.

Principles that are so essential

When designers contact us the majority of these designers have a have a fashion background. For us fashion is something completely different. Designing for fashion may look the same as for interior, but believe me this is like comparing cricket with baseball. Therefor I will guide you through a few principals that are so essential for interior.



Our way of working.

New designers

Verbeekdesigns is interested in cooperation with new designers on the field of surface designing. Besides the designs from our own studio we carry designs of several national and international designers in our portfolio.  These designers are a welcome addition to our high standard portfolio. To be represented by Verbeekdesigns you* must apply. 


Check list

Terms and conditions

For all of our free-lance designers we have the same terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are strict and not negotiable. If you find these terms and conditions not acceptable in the first place, there is no further use in contacting us.

  • If you contact us, one of the procedures is, that you send us some small JPG's (300 kb max.)or a PDF with designs or items you have created in the past. We will evaluate these pictures and conclude if the particular "hand" would be a good addition to our portfolio. Not all good designers or good designs are interesting for us.

  • We carefully watch over our total portfolio. We will not create opposite interests in one portfolio. That means that we are not interested in "more of the same" designs in one collection. This would mean that we would create a kind of competition in our own portfolio between our existing designers.

  • All designers have to sign an agreement in which clearly all "does and don'ts" are stated. One of the most important issues is that the designer guarantees the originality of the designs. On request, we can send you a copy of the agreement.


What can you expect from Verbeekdesigns :

  • As we are a highly professional studio, we welcome customers to our studio and we travel to our customers on a daily base.

  • Besides that, we participate a at least 5 international fairs; Heimtextil, Paperworld, Indigo-Mood, Blueprint, Mosbuild.

  • We also have a very intense cooperation with several agents in The US, Japan and Korea and UK who sell our portfolio. Your designs will be showcased on an international platform.

  • During the process of designing you offer the possibility to get instant feedback by using Email, or WhatsApp.

  • We will provide you with information that is essential for creating commercial designs. We have very good and intense contacts with several trend watchers and trend documentation. You will get the newest trend information at first hand. We will share this information with all of our designers.

  • Verbeekdesigns is well known for their commercial designs. Nevertheless, we think it important to have a part of the collection that is innovative as well as trendy.

Ideal candidate

What kind of designs (designers) might we be interested in.

Designers that create designs for:

  • Textiles in general: upholstery and curtains

  • Wallpaper and structures

  • Gift-wrap


What do we expect from you?

  • As a designer, you should know that we sell our designs all over the world but mainly in Western Europe the US and Asia. This means that you should familiarize yourself with the latest trends and developments in the particular range that you think your designs are suitable for.

  • You should design on a regular base, which means that you provide us with new designs on a regular base. During the process of designing, you can consult us by email or Whatsapp.

  • We will evaluate your sketches or designs and provide you with substantial information, comments and advice. All this in order to create better designs, and to make the designing process more efficient. All designs that we carry in our portfolio are in repeat (half drop) and have the dimensions that are required.

Designs can be handmade or digitally generated. If designs are digitally generated, the output file should be a Layered PSD Photoshop file, Layered TIFF file or an Ai Illustrator file. 

If you join our studio we keep your designs at least for 12 months in our portfolio. After that period, we know that most of our customers have seen the collection. After that period, we are able to evaluate the designs and decide or 

we continue carrying the design, or we decide to take it out. Sending back designs is for cost of the designer.For freelance designers there is also a possibility to come and work in our studio in Eindhoven for a limited period. When working in our studio you will bring your own materials. By working in our studio, we can monitor your design process and adjust or advise whenever necessary. If you want to apply for such internship, please contact us because places are limited.

For any further information please contact us. info@verbeekdesigns.nl 

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